Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My Biggest Fear...

Whew, what a week last week was.  Do you ever have weeks where you just feel like everyone is coming at you from every angle and then outside life throws in a couple of punches too?  I had one of those weeks.  So, on Saturday I headed out to go thrifting and give myself some time to gather myself.  As I sauntered through the many aisles, I was giving myself permission to feel frustrated and carry resentment.  I relived the antics of the week and deemed that I truly was worthy of such irritation...and the irritation grew. Then it occurred to me how I was feeling and that wasn't very good.  I chalked it up to hormones and forgave myself without giving it too much more thought.  I sure do know how to let myself off the hook easy enough. 
As I rounded the picture aisle, a plaque caught my attention that read "My greatest fear is that PMS doesn't really exist and that this is my true personality."  I laughed loud as I went over the conversation I was having within myself just seconds before.
But then I started thinking about it.
What if...all excuses were removed
and I was actually just becoming a bitter person.
As I drove home, that funny quote lingered in my thoughts and began to taunt me a bit.  I came to realize that while I felt I was justified in my feelings it wasn't right to carry resentment like this. 
So when night fell, I snuggled on my couch to doodle and paint myself a reminder.
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  1. That is a really interesting thought....and a funny story! Nice doodling!

  2. You took your feelings and turned them into a nice work of art. We all have times like this.

  3. My feelings have mirrored yours at times. I'm glad you didn't beat yourself up, but found humor instead. I love your poster!

  4. Hahahaha! That's pretty funny! I think it's healthy to feel angry, frustrated, whatever, to embrace it for a while then let it go. It's natural. And if you let it go, even better ~ life's too short to keep it, right? Hope you have a wonderful day:)


  5. Love the story - adore you blog. I HAD to become a follower before I even finished the first entry. I Love it so much I want to add it to my blog roll.

  6. I love your artwork! Yes, we get this way some times. I think that you talking to yourself about it and coming to reason with yourself is kinda funny. Because I do that, too! The fact that you know how to let go , and even question your self, proves that you are a kind person. A bitter person wouldn't even care. I love that quote, I may have to steal it!

  7. Hey, Jane, I am so happy to be following your blog! I am a Colorado girl, too!

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